Odd God's Hearth Offers Fiery Transformation for Oddities

Odd God's Hearth Offers Fiery Transformation for Oddities
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PROOF will soon open the Odd God's Hearth, providing an opportunity for Oddities to transform into Mythics through a sacrificial burning process.

The Deets

  • Oddities can be nominated for sacrifice, transforming into Mythics when selected.
  • Each day, 50 Oddities will be randomly selected for burning for 200 days.
  • The maximum possible number of Oddities burned depends on daily nominations.
  • Unused Oddities slots will be determined by the community.

The Bulk

As the Odd God’s Hearth springs to life, it provides an intriguing opportunity for owners of Oddities. The option to let your Oddity undergo a sacrificial burn could result in the birth of a new, more powerful Mythic. Should you choose to preserve your Oddity, it remains a part of a deflationary art collection.

To participate, owners nominate an Oddity for sacrifice by signing the Terminus Tablet, which earmarks it for destruction when chosen. Those feeling a change of heart can destroy their Tablet, sparing their Oddity from the burn.

Over a period of 200 days, 50 nominated Oddities are selected for burning each day. This implies a potential obliteration of the entire 10,000-piece collection, should all 50 slots be filled daily. However, any unused slots from the daily quota don't roll over. For instance, if only 1 Oddity is nominated in a day, the remaining 49 spots are lost.

The fate of unused Oddity spots rests in the hands of the community. 

Once an Oddity is chosen for sacrifice, the process is automatic. The burning results in the emergence of a new Mythic in the owner's wallet, replacing the consumed Oddity. No additional steps or interventions are required by the Oddity owner, and email notifications can be provided upon successful transformation.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

Considering a transformation for your Oddity? Make your choice at here.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

While the sacrificial system operates over the next 200 days, keep an eye on community discussions determining the fate of unused Oddity slots. Whether redistributed to Moonbirds or reducing the total supply, this decision will shape the future landscape of the collection.

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