PROOF Updates Mythic Hatching UX

PROOF Updates Mythic Hatching UX
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PROOF updated its user experience (UX) for Mythic hatching, integrating new features to improve overall user engagement and transparency.

The Deets

  • Introduction of Hearth Feed: Real-time display of Mythics hatching across Volaria
  • Enhanced visual representation of Rarity Levels in bird summary
  • Option to share Mythic choices via social media with "Review Your Mythics"
  • Recognition of community builders enhancing the reveal experience

The Bulk

PROOF introduced several updates to its UX for Mythic hatching. The first significant improvement is the Hearth Feed, a real-time display showing all the new Mythics hatching across Volaria. This feature offers a transparent view of the Mythic hatching process, including which Mythics were chosen and which remained "unwoven."

In terms of trait visualization, PROOF has improved the design of how Rarity Levels are displayed in the bird summary. Instead of using Rarity Level badges to denote the highest rarity trait of each bird, the new design depicts the total rarity distribution. The color coding ranges from dark gray for an empty slot, to magenta for Legendary traits, enabling users to understand the rarity distribution at a glance.

Another update is the addition of "Review Your Mythics," a feature that allows users to share their Mythic choices with friends via Twitter or X. The platform is also recognizing the contributions of community builders who are enhancing the Mythic reveal experience through dedicated coverage and reveal platforms.

🎤 Community Quotes

Sometimes choosing a Mythic is hard. Why not share your choices with friends? Now you can Tweet (or Xweet?) your options with Review Your Mythics.PROOF

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