Moonbirds Building 'Moonbirds Universe'

Moonbirds Building 'Moonbirds Universe'
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Moonbirds is building a comprehensive universe with new 3D avatars and a digital world called Volaria to help transform its brand. 

The Deets

  • New Creative Direction: Led by award-winning artist Colin Hesterly.
  • 3D Avatars: Built for animation and integration into virtual platforms like Otherside.
  • Digital Space: Volaria will serve as a dedicated space for community interaction.
  • Physical Collectibles: Partnerships are underway to bring Moonbirds into the physical world.
  • Commercial Licenses: Moonbirds is ditching CC0. 

The Bulk

Moonbirds aims to fly from static NFTs to dynamic characters within an expansive digital home, Moonbirds Universe. Under the new artistic direction of Colin Hesterly, Moonbirds will not only adopt a new art style but also transition into animated 3D avatars. This development aims to enhance user engagement through high-quality animation and seamless integration into popular virtual environments, including Otherside.

Volaria, the newly introduced digital space, will provide a home for Moonbirds, offering a platform for owners to connect and immerse themselves fully in the evolving narrative. 

In addition to digital enhancements, Moonbirds is set to extend its reach into the physical world. Through strategic partnerships, they are planning to launch a series of collectibles, enriching the tangible aspect of ownership, which will be further showcased at an exclusive event adjacent to Apefest 2024 in Lisbon.

🎤 Project Prose

We’re building a place where you can take that character. A place Moonbirds can call home.Moonbirds

🔜 What's Next?

Keep an eye out for the official unveiling of Volaria and the new Moonbirds collectibles. 

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