Moonbirds Going Mainstream?

Moonbirds Going Mainstream?
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PROOF Collective has signed with United Talent Agency (UTA) in an effort to grow the Moonbirds brand into a global brand, according to a series of tweets from project founder Kevin Rose. 

Why It Matters: The partnership between PROOF and UTA will ensure a dedicated, experienced team of branding and marketing experts is helping lead and execute partnerships and growth for the Moonbirds brand. 

What Happens Next: The pair are already working on partnerships and collaborations for 2023, though no formal dates or details have been provided. 

Food For Thought: Since moving to the CC0 license, Moonbirds have lost some favor in the NFT market, falling from approximately 20 ETH floor to less than 10 ETH at the time of writing. It is not immediately clear which types of activations or partnerships PROOF will be able to muster with a brand in the public domain. 

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