PROOF Files for Ravens Trademark

PROOF Files for Ravens Trademark
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PROOF Holdings Inc., the company behind Moonbirds, filed trademark applications for "Moonbirds Ravens" and "Ravens" on June 28, leading some to speculate about the next possible project in the PROOF ecosystem.

The floor price on the Moonbirds also rose about 20 percent to 26 ETH in the past 24 hours thanks to 462 ETH in volume. 

It's not known where the Ravens will fit in with other PROOF NFTs, though some believe it could coincide with nesting, where most holders will reach Silver status in about two-and-a-half weeks.

The trademark owner in the filing is the same owner which has filed for trademarks for Oddities, Moonbirds, PROOF of Conference, and the Modern Finance podcast, which is hosted by PROOF founder Kevin Rose.

The application says the filing covers "downloadable image files containing artwork authenticated by non-fungible tokens" and similar to the Moonbirds application, it covers "administration of a loyalty program," "issuing tokens of value, such as digital currency," and "software as a service for metaverses."


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