Proof of Ethereum NFTs

Proof of Ethereum NFT Overview

Project Information

Proof of Ethereum is a collection of 2,604 animated, generative art NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece in the collection acts as a visual representation of the on-chain activity of the Ethereum blockchain from its inception in July 2015 up until the Merge to Proof of Stake; a total of 2,604 days. There are a total of seven different metrics utilized to create each output - Time, Price, Transactions, Gas Price, Volume, Hash Rate, and Contracts. Time is represented by blocks in each output; the earlier the date an NFT represents, the fewer and larger the blocks in the output are. The change in Ethereum price is represented by the direction and noise of the lines. The number of transactions on a certain date is portrayed by the number of lines in a specific output. The gas price of the day represented by an output is portrayed through the animation speed of the NFT. Total transaction volume correlates with the width of the lines in each NFT. Ethereum’s daily hash rate is mapped to the number of overlapping shapes within each NFT. Lastly, thicker lines represent transactions that deployed a contract.