Trident Pseudo Krakens NFTs

Trident Pseudo Krakens NFT Overview

Project Information

Trident Pseudo Krakens is a collection of 2,999 pixelated squid NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Pseudo Kraken NFT can be used as an in-game pet in Trident, a procedurally-generated, 2-dimensional MMO on the Arbitrum network. Trident incorporates a risk-to-earn model in-game that allows players to wager $PSI tokens, the utility token for the Trident gaming ecosystem. $PSI tokens can additionally be used to purchase NFTs in-game.

Trident also encompasses various mini-games, including the game mode 'Pet Battles'. Players can use either purchased or poached pets in a Pokemon-style battle game that utilizes the same risk-to-earn model as Trident's main MMO.