Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs

Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Psychedelics Anonymous is a collection of four individual NFTs created by team lead @BAYC2745 with a supply of 9,595 each resulting in a total collection of 38,380 tokens. The four NFTs within the collection are the Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis PFP, IRL Pshycedelics Anonymous Pass, Metaverse Psychedelics Anonymous Pass, and Component #1.

The Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis PFP was designed by the team's lead artist Joshua Connelly and will serve as token holders exclusive access into limited-run merchandise in the physical world as well for the metaverse in the form of wearables. The genesis NFT will also give holders access to the support services put together by the project which consist of performance, business, and mental health services.

The genesis will additionally grant access to VIP metaverse and IRL areas as well as staking and future DAO allocations. The team has gone as far as to say that the genesis NFT is "...the most prestigious level of Psychedelics Anonymous membership."