Psychedelics Anonymous Takes Snapshot of Stakers for 'New Dawn'

Psychedelics Anonymous Takes Snapshot of Stakers for 'New Dawn'
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The snapshot of all Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis holders has been taken in preparation for New Dawn, the project's upcoming trait-swapping marketplace.

All wallets, assets, and their corresponding levels in the Mycelia will stay intact, according to the team.

This is part of the first phase of New Dawn, which allows holders to deconstruct their Genesis NFTs and extract all the traits.

"Phase 1 begins with exploring digital identities," the New Dawn team wrote on Twitter. "Every [Psychedelics Anonymous] is New Dawn-enabled. On launch, you can extract your Genesis traits, equip new traits, and construct your new identity."

When the new identity is constructed, the Genesis NFT will be sent from the holding contract back to the holder's wallet.

This is an attempt to change how NFT projects think about rarities and digital identities.

"Rarity matters, but digital identities matter more," New Dawn said. "With new traits, PFP manipulation, and fashion trends evolving, we want our community to be able to express themselves as they wish. Open rarity takes on a new meaning with revolving trait mechanics."

Phase 2 is expected to start in Q1 2023, which introduces peer-to-peer trading of traits across wallets. It also includes the buying and selling of traits.

For more information on the upcoming New Dawn project, see the team's full Twitter thread here.

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