Cobie Buys Blue Durag Pudgy Penguin

Cobie Buys Blue Durag Pudgy Penguin
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Crypto veteran and prominent Twitter personality @Cobie confirmed his purchase of a Pudgy Penguins NFT late Friday night.

Cobie said he was “paying respect to @KinkyBedBugs,” who bought the rarest Pudgy Penguin on Aug. 22 for 400 ETH.

“I bought it cos (sic) I sold some different ones and this seemed mispriced lol,” Cobie tweeted.

Cobie’s Pudgy Penguin, which sold for 3.7 ETH (about $5,400), has a kimono body trait (3.7 ETH floor) and a blue durag head trait, which has a 4.2 ETH floor. The floor of the collection is 3.39 ETH, where it has been for the past 24 hours.  

Cobie drew the ire of NFT Twitter recently for responding to a tweet from Deeze calling NFTs “altcoins with pictures.”

“Anything suggesting otherwise is larp and cope,” he said.  

The popular sh*tposter also once famously dismissed a question from a Twitter user with a Pudgy Penguins profile picture saying “sorry I don’t talk to people with poverty penguins as their pfp.”

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