Pudgy Penguins Empowering Subcommunities

Pudgy Penguins Empowering Subcommunities
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Pudgy Penguins announced the release of "The Pudgy soulTransport," a decentralized solution for the distribution of soulbound tokens for Pudgy Penguins subcommunities. 

What's a Soulbound Token: Soulbound tokens (SBTs) are NFTs or tokens that cannot be transferred from the wallet they are initially distributed to. 

Why It Matters: The growth of the Pudgy Penguins brand has been heavily influenced by its rabid community and growing fan base. The Pudgy soulTransport initiative represents an innovative approach to empowering the community to help grow the brand while also exploring and innovating on the potential technological uses of soulbound tokens. 

What's Next: The Pudgy soulTransport will begin with a limited amount of individuals and subcommunities but eventually will be available to a wider range of users. 

Community Comments:

Really exciting initiative, look forward to seeing it in action so I can learn moreTyco_NFT

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