Pudgy Penguins Headed to Sotheby's Auction

Pudgy Penguins Headed to Sotheby's Auction
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Update (1:00 p.m. EST): Pudgy Penguins released a trailer on YouTube announcing the auction with Sotheby's:

Pudgy Penguins sent a cryptic tweet to its following on Friday afternoon, teasing a potential trip to an auction house. 

The image showcases a Pudgy Penguin battling a winter storm, with an image of the previously released roadmap held down by a gavel. 

The roadmap image has a big red circle around one item, which was revealed to be an "auction house" in the initial roadmap released six months ago. 

No formal details were provided in the tweet, but previously many notable NFT collections have had pieces sold via Christie's or Sotheby's auctions. 

This would mark the second notable announcement from the project this week, the first being a partnership with Kellogg's.


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