Pudgy Penguins Reveal Licensed Characters, Tease New Opportunity

Pudgy Penguins Reveal Licensed Characters, Tease New Opportunity
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Pudgy Penguins announced its official selections for its first licensing opportunity today via an image on Twitter.

Introducing our Pudgy Toy Lineup, licensed directly from the community," the tweet reads. "This is the first of many instances where the Pudgy Penguins IP will allow web3 to meet web3. Congratulations to the Penguins who were selected."

This news comes nearly a month after Pudgy Penguins announced its partnership with PMI Toys, the toy maker for Fortnite and Nickelodeon.

The selected Pudgy Penguins are in the image, according to team member Berko. The photo shows 15 total penguins, a few of which look like Lil Pudgy Penguins, the project's expansion project.

Traits for the selected NFTs range from polar bear hats and fish heads to capes and wizard hats.

Then, the post ends with, "More is coming, just look..."

The last sentence seems to refer to the blurred out book with "licensing opportunity?" written above it. 

The book could reference an upcoming children's book or other story-related opportunity for Pudgy Penguins holders to license their NFTs.

More information is expected in the coming days or weeks.

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