Pudgy Penguins Reveals MVP Soulbound Token

Pudgy Penguins Reveals MVP Soulbound Token
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Pudgy Media introduced the MVP Soulbound Token to acknowledge exceptional community members, replacing the previous Penguin of the Week title.

The Deets

  • The MVP (Most Valuable Penguin) Soulbound Token will honor standout community members
  • Community participation will decide who receives the monthly MVP title
  • Past Penguins of the Week will be given the MVP Token retroactively
  • Interested penguins can be nominated more than once

The Bulk

Pudgy Penguins introduced the MVP Soulbound Token to spotlight the remarkable members of its community. This new token replaces the previous Penguin of the Week title, introducing a community-centric approach that allows for peer nominations.

MVP is a title bestowed upon a member every month. Community members nominate their favorite penguin for the MVP title, offering a platform for the most distinguished and involved members to be recognized for their contributions.

Moreover, Pudgy Penguins have also announced that the MVP Token will be airdropped to the Penguins of the Week that have already been featured on the page, giving due recognition to their past contributions.

🎬 Take Action

Want to nominate a fellow Pengu for the MVP title? You can do so via the nomination form linked in Pudgy Penguins' Discord, provided you're a verified holder.

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