Pudgy Penguins Shares New Short Story Film, The Great Blizzard

Pudgy Penguins Shares New Short Story Film, The Great Blizzard

Earlier today, Pudgy Penguins shared its first iteration of the project's storytime vision, Chapter One: The Great Blizzard, a short film created in partnership with Non-Fungible Films.

The film's narrator tells a story to the group of penguins huddled around a campfire.

"Settle down, children," the voice says. "I have a story to share with you. The world of the antarctic is a dangerous place. It is important that you learn from the brave pengus before you."

"The penguins have survived many icy adversities in our time," the voice continues, perhaps in reference to the project's price drop prior to the Luca Netz buyout. "But nothing compared to the Great Blizzard. We lost our huddle, little ones. The air was vicious, shards of ice piercing our tufts without mercy. It seemed all hope was lost for us. We had but one choice: march on and hope to find safety together."

The video shows different Pudgy Penguin characters, officially licensed for the film by the project itself.

"We realized that when we work together, the blizzard was not so cold," the voice goes on. "The most tired among us could rest in the center, while others trudged forward."

Then, the penguins start singing a song.

"Penguins be strong, we march along," the penguins sing in unison, before the voice returns. "After miles of marching, we came across an enormous igloo, walls made up of blocks larger than the pudgiest of penguins. We had to stand on top of each other just to reach the doorknob. That's when we realized the door was locked shut."

The nearly three-minute video concludes in a mysterious fashion.

"The blizzard raged on as we waddled around the igloo to find another entrance. Some of us found blocks of ice with mysterious markings. Some found obscure rocks. Others even found some fishing rods. But there was no key to be found."

The penguins interrupt their "grandpa," asking him to explain what happened next, but he does not.

"That wouldn't be much fun, now would it? The best stories leave us wondering," grandpa says. "Everything you need to solve the mystery is here in our igloo. Now, go out and search. I'll be waiting for you."

IP and licensing is "an important piece to [the] storytelling initiative," according to Pudgy Penguins' official Twitter account. To submit a Pudgy Penguin or Lil Pudgy NFT to appear in an upcoming story, go to this form here.

More about Pudgy Penguins

​​Pudgy Penguins is an avatar project and collection of 8,888 unique, randomly generated penguins on the Ethereum blockchain. Built via a strong organic community of holders, known as “The Huddle,” Pudgy Penguins has developed a strong reputation with the cryptocurrency and NFT Twitter communities. After selling out in 20 minutes, Pudgy Penguins later gained acclaim with New York Times reporter Kevin Roose’s purchase and front-page story, "I Joined a Penguin NFT Club Because Apparently That’s What We Do Now."

At the time of publish, the Pudgy Penguins floor price sits at 4.399 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 102 ETH volume of transactions. Over that same timeframe, 1 sharp wallets have sold 1 NFTs and 1 sharp wallets have bought 1 NFTs in the Pudgy Penguins collection. Catch up on other recent Pudgy Penguins news here.

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