Ryan Carson Sweeps Admit One, Pudgy Penguins

Ryan Carson Sweeps Admit One, Pudgy Penguins
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Former Moonbirds COO and NFT investment fund founder is continuing to sweep projects, this time adding Admit One passes, Golden Egg Club NFTs from Jeremy Fall, and a rookery of new Pudgy Penguins to his fund.

Carson's 121G fund spent a little more than 50 ETH ($65,000) to buy the following (with current floor prices) on Gem.xyz:

- Five Golden Egg Club NFTs (4.2 ETH)

- Two Admit One passes (4.5 ETH)

- Ten Pudgy Penguins (3.049 ETH)

Carson has swept several projects in the last week, including QQL, Creepz, and Martian Premier League.

Lucky Trader recently interviewed Carson about the $4 million in his fund and his investment strategy.


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