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Phantom Network Announces Snapshot
Logan Hitchcock

A Phantom Network snapshot will take place around 11:15 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from the project

The snapshot will create the list of eligible wallets for the next Phantom Network Whiteboxes - the project's native loot box system. 

The next Whitebox drop will hold a variety of consumables, PXN tokens, and upcoming whitelists, in addition to 30 $50 Steam gift cards. 

Since debuting strongly, PXN has fallen tremendously over the last few months. At the time of writing, the project holds a floor price of just 0.19 ETH. 


Phantom Network Announces Snapshot
Phantom Network Airdropping 'Sh*tload' of Air Fryers
Staff Writer

Phantom Network is going to drop a "sh*tload" of air fryers into the next PXN: Ghost Division Whiteboxes, according to a tweet from the platform.

Holders of Ghost NFTs before Mondays at 2 a.m. ET qualify for the weekly Whitebox drops on Wednesday at 2 a.m. ET. The snapshot for the air fryers has been taken.

More details on how many air fryers would be given away in the Whiteboxes wasn't available. The last Whitebox giveaway dropped four HyperX Quadcast S USB microphones, two Oculuses, one Louis Vuitton wallet, and several PXN tokens, consumables, and allowlist opportunities across its 10,000-edition collection.

Sign into the PXN website to check your Whitebox.

The Ghost NFT floor price is 0.21 ETH.

Phantom Network Airdropping 'Sh*tload' of Air Fryers
Phantom Network Announces New Tech Updates
Jason Bales

Phantom Network, the platform behind PXN: Ghost Division, announced new technological updates earlier this morning.

The updates, which were posted to the project's Tech Terminal section of the third issue of PxN Papers here, show that the team has been working on code and configurations for its subnet and bridge over the last few weeks and months.

"It was a huge progress week for our Blockchain team as we have completed most of the code and configurations for our subnet and bridge," the team wrote. "We will be moving into the testing phase to ensure the security, reliability, and high performance of our bespoke Layer 2 chain."

The three major updates include:

  • The design of wireframes and implementation of basic functionality for the team's bridge
  • A revamp of the project's chat application
    • Focus will now move to the NFT selector and context menu
  • And adding the team's newsletter, PxN Papers, to the main website,

PXN: Ghost Division has seen a 29 percent increase in total volume traded and a 21 percent increase in floor price over the last 24 hours. The project's floor price currently sits at 0.24 ETH. 

Phantom Network Announces New Tech Updates
Phantom Network Releases Project Updates
Staff Writer

Phantom Network released a handful of updates for its project PXN: Ghost Division in a recent tweet.

Below is a summary of the topics discussed in the post.

  • Phantom Network aims to build "an innovative Web3 platform for the NFT and social space.:
    • The 10,000 PXN: Ghost Division NFTs, known as "Ghosts", will act as the keys to entering the ecosystem.
    • There will be something of value to traders, entrepreneurs, and content creators on the platform.
  • Ghosts will generate the project's utility token $PXN in the future.
    • Ghosts will generate the token daily and how much they earn will be based on their ranks.
    • The date of $PXN's release is still undecided.
  • The project is releasing an NFT token-gated platform that will be known as "The Umbral Terminal."
    • Phantom Network plans to integrate utilities and features into the platform.
    • Communication Channel.
      • Grants the ability to create text and voice chats that can be organized into separate channels and topics.
      • Private messaging to users with a specific wallet address.
    • Profiles and Social Media.
      • Users will be able to customize their profile picture and showcase their NFT collection on their profile as well as "badges and accomplishments."
    • Subscriptions.
      • The project runs off of what the team is referring to as SAAS (Software As A Service Model).
      • Phantom Network will take a cut of $PXN tokens to run the service.
      • Users will have the ability to choose what they subscribe to based on their needs.
    • NFT Market Place and Customization.
      • Holders will be able to win or purchase cosmetic updates for their Ghosts and the ability to attach them to their NFT.
      • Users will need to use $PXN tokens to make the cosmetic updates go through.
    • Phantom Network Information System (PxNIS).
      • The project is dropping what they are referring to as "information board space" and giving users the ability to bid on it using $PXN.
      • Information boards can be used to publish content and advertisements. 
    • Greymarket
      • Greymarket can be used to list or purchase items that can be purchased in $PXN and $ETH.
      • There will be a rating system for sellers and sellers with good ratings will receive additional perks.
      • Ghosts can be used as collateral "to defer potential scammers."
      • Users will have the ability to directly message sellers.
    • Recruitment Application Terminal (R.A.T.).
      • R.A.T. will be used as a way to give Ghosts access to employment opportunities as well as a way to showcase their skills.
      • It will act as a "recruitment board" and will have employment listings posted on it.
    • White Boxes.
      • White Boxes will be dropped to holders weekly and contain items ranging from allowlist spots to other projects to $PXN and cosmetic items.
      • For every Ghost a user has in their wallet they are able to claim the same number of White Boxes per week.
      • The team is integrating a "bad luck protection system" that guarantees the users will not have a continuous streak of bad rewards.
    • Regiments.
      • There are 100 regiments in the ecosystem that will be led "autonomously" by chosen Ghosts.
      • Regiments are able to implement councils and hold elections to select leaders.
      • Each group will receive an allotment of $PXN to help contribute to their efforts.
    • Ranks.
      • Ranks determine how much $PXN a Ghost yields.
      • The lowest rank is known as "Second Lieutenant" and yields 1 $PXN and the highest rank known as "General of the Army" yields 1,000 $PXN.
      • The rest of the rankings and yield are as follows.
Rank $PXN Yield
First Lieutenant  3
Captain 5
Major 10
Lieutenant Colonel 15
Colonel 25
Brigadier General 50
Major General 100
Lieutenant General 150
General 500
Phantom Network Releases Project Updates
MEE6 Shares Details on Hack
Logan Hitchcock

MEE6 has gotten to the root of the Discord hacks from last night that affected multiple NFT communities. While the MEE6 bot was not compromised, a member of the MEE6 team was

The compromised account and the vulnerability have now been rectified, and MEE6 indicates that steps have been put in place to ensure it never happens again. 

To read more read our recent article on the events

MEE6 Shares Details on Hack
MEE6 Says Bot Not To Blame
Logan Hitchcock

After a series of Discords were compromised last night, MEE6 has maintained that the MEE6 bot has not been hacked

The exact source of the recent string of hacks has not yet been identified, but theories are circulating widely on Twitter. We've gathered all the information we have in our developing story

MEE6 Says Bot Not To Blame
PXN Addresses IP Concerns
Bill Monighetti

PXN released a blog post this morning to address a Twitter thread accusing the project of stolen intellectual property (IP). The complaints highlight similarities between NFTs in the PXN collection and characters featured in popular anime brands. In the blog post, the PXN team admits the collection does include "a very tiny portion of anime inspired 1/1s within our 10,000 Ghost collection," and the project's art director says this was done to "pay homage and to add a bit of fun." 

As a next step, PXN put forth the following proposal:

"We will be pushing out blank images in a few hours to act as placeholders for some of the NFTs in question. These are Legendaries and Epics in the collection that we deem as problematic pieces that are in the strike zone. Probably around 15-20 pieces stand out to me at this point. Anyone that is affected will have 10e (sic) compensated when their NFT is re-rolled into another Epic or Legendary PXN original that will knock your socks off."

The collection's floor price currently sits at 3.01 ETH as of 9:00 a.m. ET this morning, down from 4.9 ETH prereveal.

PXN Addresses IP Concerns
Phantom Network Hints at Reveal
Staff Writer

Phantom Network, the creators of PXN: Ghost Division, tweeted this morning "The day of battle is finally upon us. It both ends and begins right here. Within 24 hours. Open your eyes."

The tweet hints at the much-anticipated reveal, perhaps within the next 24 hours. 

Phantom Network Hints at Reveal