Quirklings NFTs

Quirklings NFT Overview

Project Information

Quirklings is a collection of 8,032 unique characters minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Quirklings was founded by @SyntribosStable, and art was created by artist @Finch_O_N_E. Developer partners were Soulest, Space Invader, and Quacamole.
The owner of a Quirkie owns the art IP. The team intentionally did not officially list it on any rarity website as they believe the community should base the value of a Quirkie on its art, not rarity. This keeps the art at the forefront of the collection rather than rarity scores. Quirklings are an art-based project with a focus on community and culture. The team is inspired by their love of the surf/skate culture and looks to implement this throughout the Quirklings brand. Quirkies holder benefits can be expected through special access to the latest products, merchandise, and events.