Quirky Plants Association NFTs

Quirky Plants Association NFT Overview

Project Information

Quirky Plants Association is a collection of 6,666 randomly-generated plant avatar NFTs.

One of Quirky Plants Association's team members previously worked for Angry Birds as a visual artist.

The genesis collection will be allowed to breed for a Baby Plant, depending on certain traits.

Play mechanics and interactions with other NFT communities have been announced on the team's roadmap. 

A token will be dropped to holders for playing the game. And the team has stated that they have plans to buy land in either Decentraland or Sandbox for the creation of the Plantiverse.

The team consists of eight main members: hb, Stella Bunnyngton, NEKO, fakkd247, Galdur Bates, not_french_marie, ContentKing, and John D'oh!. None of the team members are doxxed.