RaidParty Heroes NFTs

RaidParty Heroes NFT Overview

Project Information

RaidParty Heroes are the trademark of the RaidParty project and are expected to be the largest (monetary) barrier of entry to playing RaidParty.

The core team of RaidParty is comprised of talented individuals with backgrounds in crypto, cyber-sec, ux, behavior, and gaming. The head engineer is an Ex-Coinbase Engineer and Solidity mastermind. 

As RaidParty Heroes are also headshots, they are virtually also a PFP project. The RaidParty game consists of two NFT Collections: RaidParty Heroes and RaidParty Fighters. Genesis RaidParty Heros include the first 1,111 units. Benefits specific to the genesis units include: Decreased sacrifice price when summoning new Heroes (20 Fighters to 15 Fighters) and 18h Hero summoning cooldown (As compared to 24h). Other than cosmetic metadata (Hat, Eyes, etc.) The three important metadata traits for Heroes will be: Party Damage Multiplier, Base Party Limit, and Enhancement Level.