RaidParty Fighters NFTs

RaidParty Fighters NFT Overview

Project Information

RaidParty Fighters are NFTs used to deal damage in the RaidParty game and earn $CFTI token yield.

There are two important traits that determine how useful RaidParty Fighter NFTs are: Base DPS and Enhancement Level.

For Base DPS, RaidParty has its own rarity system for Fighters, and the higher the rarity of a Fighter the higher Base DPS the NFT has. The lowest DPS for a Fighter is 800 and the DPS caps off at a score of 1400. 

Users can raise their Enhancement Level by spending $CFTI, which is earned through yield or by completing actions within the game. Utilizing these mechanics can have an effect on the Base DPS of a RaidParty Fighter NFT. 

On top of being used to help increase the Enhancement Level, $CFTI can also be used to mint new RaidParty Fighter NFTs. 

Within the RaidParty ecosystem, there are three categories of items: Equipment, Consumables, and Relics. These items are meant to add a level of variance to the game as well as help the player progress by making their Fighter stronger.