Raptor City Rascals NFTs

Raptor City Rascals NFT Overview

Project Information

Raptor City Rascals are a collection of 10,000 Raptor Rascal avatars made from over 160 hand-drawn traits on the Ethereum blockchain.

The team behind Raptor City is known as the Fat Baby Club, which is a team of 10 people that includes the artist, developers, marketing personnel, writers, and community managers. 

Rascals come in three forms, organic, mech, and shade. Raptor City doesn't have a traditional roadmap, but rather a set of projects each with its own roadmap. Examples include Raptor City merchandise, Raptor City Stories, Turf Wars, and the metaverse. Furthermore, holding an NFT will provide access to the Raptor City Black Market, which will offer free mints, poaps, limited edition 1/1 NFTs, and merchandise.