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Degenz NFT To Take Snapshot in 5 Hours
Logan Hitchcock

Degenz will take a snapshot of NFT holders at 5:00 p.m. ET today after backing up the original snapshot period in an announcement from yesterday afternoon. 

All holders of the Degenz or Re-genz NFT collections at 5:00 p.m. ET will be airdropped a new access pass NFT as part of the Degenz relaunch plans. 

Degenz Access Pass (DAP) NFTs are expected to be airdropped shortly after the snapshot period. 

Tomorrow, the new Degenz website is expected to be released as a part of the relaunch process. 

No action is required by Degenz or Re-genz holders to gain access to their Degenz Access Pass. 

For more information on the Degenz Relaunch, refer to the project's official update. 

Degenz NFT To Take Snapshot in 5 Hours
Snapshot Coming June 14 for Degenz, Re-Genz Holders
Staff Writer

Degenz and Re-Genz NFTs will be airdropped a Degenz Access Pass, which grants the holder access to gated Discord areas, deep-dive NFT reports, IRL events, and free mints, the project tweeted today.

The amount of passes dropped to each holder depends on the rarity of the Degenz/Re-Genz they hold. For Degenz NFTs, the Whale and Frens trait receive five passes each, the Wizard and Ramen Heads trait gets two passes and all other Degenz get one pass.

For Re-Genz, Female trait and Ramen/Golden Ramen Heads get two passes each. All other Re-Genz get one. 

A snapshot is set for June 14 at 2 p.m. ET. After the snapshot, the airdrop will commence.

Snapshot Coming June 14 for Degenz, Re-Genz Holders