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Relics Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Relics Pass is a collection of 1,000 membership NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Relics Pass is founded by IKONICK co-founders Jeff Cole and Mark Mastrandrea. IKONICK as a brand is backed by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and Scooter Braun and has licensing partnerships with brands like Monopoly, the NBA, Peanuts, and more. Relics Pass NFT holders have access to the 'Relic Room' and a bi-weekly speaker series that features conversations with people like Daymond John of Shark Tank, Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuck, and more. Holders are also able to utilize the first product to launch by Metarelics, which allows users to connect their digital wallets and purchase high-quality canvas prints of their NFTs.