Renders Game by MountVitruvius NFTs

Renders Game by MountVitruvius NFT Overview

Project Information

Renders Game is a collection of 325 on-chain, generative art NFTs created by generative artist Anthony Hiley-Mann, also known as MountVitruvius, on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was released as part of the Art Blocks Presents NFT collection. The name of the collection is a nod to the science fiction novel Ender's Game, written by Orson Scott Card and released in 1985. And similar to the plot of the book, which sees the character named Ender training relentlessly to complete an exam that is believed to be a simulation, MountVitruvius likens his creations to a similar path as Ender. Each step along the creative process, including re-writing and re-conceiving ideas, ultimately led to a sense of satisfaction only once the final product of Renders Game was completed.