Rengoku Legends NFTs

Rengoku Legends NFT Overview

Project Information

Rengoku: Legends [Samurai] are 8787 Samurai with visual and music rarity, mechanics and utility and the genesis collection of the Rengoku IP. 

The project is made up of a team of 7 including several developers, website designers, and artists. Rengou's two artists, Drasko and Connor, are also the co-founders of the project.

The Rengoku Legends NFTs is a generative collection that utilize not just generative traits, but also animated backgrounds, and music and sound design on each generated legend. Holder will have the ability to participate and influence the outcome of the Rengoku Samurai story and art to be created via NFT/blockchain technologies. The Samurai NFT is a ticket to a large-scale interactive dnd-style story campaign with clans making choices that they wish to make as a group. The project team will write the story and make the art around all of this. The team is also going to be building an in-game museum in the world of Rengoku that chronicles this journey and tells about the history of the world. Along side this, holders are able to customize their samurai with items they win/earn by particpating in the story and events.