Repeat Offenders NFTs

Repeat Offenders NFT Overview

Project Information

Repeat Offenders is a collection of 6,666 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, designed and hand-drawn by artist Gerhard Human (@TheGerhard). The artwork features skateboard holding avatars and has numerous different characters, clothing, and street backgrounds in a grunge-style effect, making each unique. Each NFT comes with a pfp-ready duplicate version which is properly cropped and on a neutral background.

The collection's lore, taking place a century after the apocalypse, dubs the characters as a "caste of rebels" with unique backstories living in a dystopian world. Earth is now known as Nova Terra and a new "United Government" rules, attempting to put all Terrans into a controlled state known as "Mindlock". The Repeat Offenders represent the tokens hidden on the Ether via a Kaleidoscope portal that serves as the only protection against Mindlock.