Right Click Share by XCOPY and Deca NFTs

Right Click Share by XCOPY and Deca NFT Overview

Project Information

Right Click Share is a digital art experiment created by acclaimed crypto artist XCOPY in collaboration with Deca Art on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 1,024 pixels make up the overall image created by XCOPY. Each pixel is a mintable NFT, allowing the public to ultimately hold the keys to creating the actual image. Holders are able to "attest" their Right Click Share NFT pixel(s) on-chain. Serial #0 Right Click Share reads the attested pixels and renders the pixels live. If all 1,024 are attested, the entire Right Click Share image will appear with no missing pixels. However, attested pixels only last for a year before they are unattested. After a year, the holder will have to re-attest their pixel(s) to keep the Right Click Share #0 image filled.