Rings Genesis  NFTs

Rings Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

This iconic collection, by art professor and graphic artist Nick Kuder, is an ongoing series of artworks that was spawned from an undergrad typography course assignment. Initially created in February 2019 using a system-generating-system to create unique glyphs, the project has been released in two separate series as of October 25, 2021.  Series 1 consisted of 25 artworks and was sold out on August 29, 2021.  Series 2 consists of no more than 40 artworks and began on October 24, 2021.  The project artwork will not exceed 200 total pieces.  

Kuder says of the process, "Once the glyph or glyphs for a particular piece are created, the process switches from rational and systematic to playful and intuitive. The resulting pieces are equal parts Apollonian and Dionysian. That creates a tension and balance in both the process and in the resulting piece that I find satisfying. While the majority of pieces are entirely digital, some incorporate snippets of photography or analogue processes."