Roo Troop NFTs

Roo Troop NFT Overview

Project Information

Roo Troop is a collection of 5,500 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the perks of owning a Roo Troop NFT is their bounty system. A bounty is a job/opportunity in the Web3 space. The way it works is within the Roo Troop Discord there is a channel named "Job Opportunities" in that channel holders can see the bounty be posted and submit their application for the job through the bounty form that Roo Troop will send will then send to the entity that posted the bounty. Roo Troop has stated that they have no choice over who gets the job.

Holders of a Roo Troop NFT are also able to stake the NFT which allows them to yield the project's utility token $ROO.