RTFKT x RIMOWA Meta-Artisan Collection NFTs

RTFKT x RIMOWA Meta-Artisan Collection NFT Overview

Project Information

RTFKT x RIMOWA Meta-Artisan Collection is a collection of two different NFTs made by RTFKT in collaboration with high-end luggage and travel accessory company RIMOWA on the Ethereum blockchain. Within the Meta-Artisan collection, there is a robot collectible known as a "WorkerBot" and a Cabin Luggage NFT. In total there are 2,222 WorkerBots that are equipped for future connectivity with RTFKT Skin Vial Technology. Additionally, there are a total of 888 Cabin Luggage NFTs at four different rarities. Each Cabin Luggage features the limited edition "Wandersmith" Anti-FUD pattern print. During an RTFKT Forging event, holders of the Cabin Luggage NFT can forge and redeem a physical Cabin Luggage from RIMOWA.