Rudekidz NFTs

Rudekidz NFT Overview

Project Information

Rude Kidz is a collection of 7777 fashionable kidz inspired from childhood memories on the playground. The founders, kikikickz and nat_lutetia, originally met through the Bored Ape Yacht club community. The art was created by a 3D Designer who has worked for apparel brands such as Nike.

Holders will be able to receive free merch such as caps and hoodies. An exclusive cdesigner cap will be sent to all holders some time after the collection is sold out, as well as an exclusive designer hoodie that will arrive before the start of the new school year.  

Rude Kidz has invested in land within The Sandbox, in collaboration with Al Dente. Each Rude Kidz holder will be airdropped a full body version of their NFT to be used within The Sandbox. Rude Kidz will also also be establishing a Web3 online school where holders can attend classes with their NFT.