Rug Radio Faces of Web3 by Cory Van Lew NFTs

Rug Radio Faces of Web3 by Cory Van Lew NFT Overview

Project Information

Rug Radio Faces of Web3 is a collection of 20,000 fine art NFTs created by artist Cory Van Lew on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection represents the first profile picture-specific collection released within the Rug Radio ecosystem. Rug Radio Genesis NFT and Membership Pass holders had priority access to the initial mint before over 50 additional NFT communities were granted limited allowlist spots. Faces of Web3 NFT holders have access to the Rug Radio ecosystem, the first fully decentralized media platform. Holders of all Rug Radio NFTs essentially own the media platform created by Rug Radio and are able to partake in the RugDAO that houses the governance of all of Rug Radio.