Rug Radio Membership Pass NFTs

Rug Radio Membership Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Rug Radio is a fully decentralized media platform where the community, hosts, and the consumer own the platform. Rug Radio offers a Membership Pass which acts as an all access pass to everything including access to the genesis drop. 

The creator of Rug Radio is @farokh, a popular NFT collector and entrepreneur based out of Québec, Canada.

Owners of a Membership Pass will be able to participate in the genesis NFT drop, a 20,000 piece collection. Farokh indicates that the genesis NFT is a utility NFT used specifically for releasing a token into the ecosystem. Each person will earn $RUG by simply holding the Genesis NFT. The utility token $RUG will be an integral part of RugDAO, which will acquire and store all the value created in the Rug Radio ecosystem. 

The RugBank will accumulate a holding of 10% of all daily produced $RUG utility tokens. The role of the bank is to reward hosts and members for participation in the ecosystem.