Rug Radio Announces PFP Mint Date

Rug Radio Announces PFP Mint Date
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The upcoming Rug Radio PFPs featuring art by Corey Van Lew will drop on Monday, February 6, according to project leader Farokh.

❗ Why it Matters: These upcoming NFTs will serve as the official PFPs of the Rug Radio ecosystem.

🧠 Need to Know:

  • Rug Radio NFT and Corey Van Lew 1-of-1 holders will be able to mint these PFPs beginning on February 6 for 690 $RUG (the project's native token).
  • Phase 2 will be based on an allow list that will be determined by raffle.
  • The third wave, if the project has not yet sold out, will be open to the public.

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