Stoner Ape Club NFTs

Stoner Ape Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Stoner Ape Club is a collection of 6,666 stoned ape NFTs with over one hundred hand-drawn elements. The project was founded by @AlexxSAC, @BrandonnSAC, @TrulsSAC, @AlecoNFT, and @lovethedonut. Stoner Ape Club will fund a community DAO with $250,000 from their initial sale. After the initial sale, $10,000 will be donated to a charity voted on by the community. Stoner Ape Club NFT holders have access to a token-gated merchandise store. Additionally, the Stoner Ape Club team is developing marijuana-related products like rolling papers, rolling trays, bongs, and more in order to develop the Stoner Ape Club brand in the marijuana industry.