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SAN Origin NFT Overview

Project Information

SAN Origin is a music-centric ecosystem dedicated to transforming access and experience for new musicians and their fans, created by @Kakuberry and @trueIMCMPLX.

Combining art, fashion, live events, hardware, and music streaming with bleeding-edge applications of privacy, security, and governance technologies, the SAN ecosystem is an environment where artists will build and amplify their brands in novel ways.

SAN NFTs can be traded or "Soulbound". Soulbounding creates a unique login identifier for the SAN Sound platform, which then deploys Zero Knowledge Proofs to protect every user's data, while still providing each artist with the accurate demographic information needed to grow.

Paired with a "Listen-to-Earn" tokenomics model, which allows fans to earn more voting power and increase the visibility of their favorite artists, these novel and advanced applications of blockchain empower artists and fans to support and elevate one another in a simple, secure, and user-friendly manner.