Gucci Vault Launches Today in The Sandbox

Gucci Vault Launches Today in The Sandbox

Gucci is launching an experience in The Sandbox starting today, October 27, and continuing through November 9.

Described as an "immersive 360° experience," players will be able to complete quests to earn Gucci Vault Boxes as prizes. The total prize pool is 500,000 $SAND ($394,800) and also includes "exclusive digital collectibles."

Up to 10,000 players will be able to win, but eligibility requires holding one Gucci Vault Box and having a registered The Sandbox account.

Players can register for the experience at this link.

To go along with the virtual experience, Gucci is also launching voxel digital collectibles today in The Sandbox Marketplace. There will be eight Gucci Vault collectible types, including:

  • Safe
  • GCC-VLT Statue
  • Giant Chessboard
  • Bag
  • Car
  • PC
  • Skate Rail
  • Hat

gucci vault nfts

More details can be found in the team's Medium post.

More about The Sandbox

At the time of publish, the The Sandbox floor price sits at 0.001 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 22 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 13 sharp wallets have sold 18 NFTs and 8 sharp wallets have bought 11 NFTs in the The Sandbox collection. Catch up on other recent The Sandbox news here.

Recent The Sandbox Sales

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Recent The Sandbox Listings

#157968listed at 12/02 9:12am for
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#161658listed at 12/02 9:12am for
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