The Sandbox Partners with Cipriani to Unveil Italian Luxury in the Metaverse

The Sandbox Partners with Cipriani to Unveil Italian Luxury in the Metaverse
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The Sandbox joins forces with iconic hospitality company Cipriani, introducing immersive Italian luxury experiences into the metaverse.

The Deets

  • The collaboration entails a virtual Venice with interactive features such as a masquerade ball, fashion shows, and concerts.
  • The partnership also includes a recreation of the famous Cipriani Wall Street Ballroom for hosting cultural events.
  • Cipriani’s LAND will be situated in The Sandbox's trendy Galleria neighborhood, launched in December 2022
  • A tribute to the legendary Harry’s Bar, known for the original Bellini cocktail, forms part of the metaverse experience

The Bulk

The Sandbox expands its immersive landscape by partnering with Cipriani, a global beacon of Italian luxury and hospitality. In this new venture, players will have the opportunity to stroll through the virtual streets of Venice, interact with the Cipriani family, and partake in various cultural events.

The Cipriani experience will find its home in the Galleria neighborhood of The Sandbox map, a sector built around fashion, media, and hospitality brands. In line with the upscale aura of the neighborhood, the Cipriani experience will strive to offer memorable virtual encounters to its visitors.

A standout feature of this collaboration will be a tribute to Harry’s Bar, the legendary Venetian watering hole known since the 1930s as a meeting place for artists, royalty, and cocktail enthusiasts. Players visiting virtual Venice will be welcomed with a hint of time travel, transporting them back to the bar's glory days.

ğŸŽ¤ Founder Feedback

We're delighted to bring iconic Italian history into The Sandbox to further enrich our players' experiences. In designing a metaverse for such a diverse audience, we have the unique opportunity to represent nationalities and cultures from around the world.Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox

🖼️ The Big Picture

As metaverse platforms like The Sandbox continue to forge partnerships with real-world brands like Cipriani, they create opportunities for players to explore, learn, and connect with diverse cultures and experiences. These collaborations could redefine the boundaries of online gaming, leading to a new era of interactive, immersive, and culturally rich virtual experiences.

📊 By The Numbers

The utility token for The Sandbox, $SAND, is trading at $0.4912, down 17.5% over 30 days. 

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