Seals Like Bitcoin Too

Seals Like Bitcoin Too
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Sappy Seals will host a free, gamified mint on Bitcoin, according to a tweet from project founder wab.eth

❗Why It Matters

Bitcoin NFTs have surged in popularity and price in recent weeks as thousands rush to inscribe Ordinals on the leading cryptocurrency. Many ETH projects, including OnChainMonkey and Purrnelope's Country Club, have explored Ordinals as a benefit to holders, and now Sappy Seals will join the mix. Seals holders and the general public will have a chance to get their first Bitcoin NFT through the gamified mint. 

The Deets

Only a few details have been released about the upcoming collection, but the most notable are listed below:

  • Sappy Seals holders will gain priority access. 
  • The general public will also have an opportunity to participate. 
  • The mint will be free, and will not require a Bitcoin wallet. 

🎬 Take Action

Although there is not an immediate action, in response to a community member, wab.eth indicated that Seal holders may wish to stake their Sappy Seals NFTs.

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