Satoshi Island Land NFT Deeds NFTs

Satoshi Island Land NFT Deeds

Project Information

Satoshi Island Land NFT Deeds represent the rights to real land on Satoshi Island.

There will only ever be 2100 blocks of land on the island and each block is divided into 10 Land NFTs. 

Each Land NFT comes with different traits which describe the area, location, position, and usage of the land.

There are seven areas on the island for people to choose from:

1. South Coast, with 562 Residential Blocks

2. West Coast, with 86 Residential Blocks

3. South Cliff, with 418 Residential Blocks

4. West Cliff, with 382 Residential Blocks

5. East Cliff, with 372 Residential Blocks

6. Entertainment Zones, with 56 Residential/Commercial Blocks

7. Satoshi Central, with 152 Residential Blocks and 72 Commercial Blocks


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