Satoshi Runners NFTs

Satoshi Runners NFT Overview

Project Information

Satoshi Runners is a unique collection of 7,777 pixelated Hacker NFTs created by Zakareth and 0xFocus that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each CyberPunk-themed NFT is randomly generated featuring different backgrounds, shirts, jackets, weapons, belts, helmets, and other accessories.  The project made some impressive partnership collaborations leading up to the mint including BearX, Boss Beauties, Crypto Skulls, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, and Chain Runners.  The total circulation sold out during presale. 

Satoshi Runners roadmap has plans for a staking mechanism where holders can earn $SATOSHI, which will be utilized within the ecosystem in the Alpha Marketplace.  Satoshi Runners also has released plans for breeding in phase 2 of their roadmap where holders of two or more Runners can mint 1 of 5,000 Baby Satoshi Runners with additional $SATOSHI plus gas fees.