Set In Merge NFTs

Set In Merge NFT Overview

Project Information

Set in Merge is a unique collection of 10,324 NFTs minted both in Ethereum's PoS and PoW parts of the blockchain, making history as the first and last NFT collection as the historical merge occurred.  The intrinsic value with these NFTs mainly comes mainly from the historical context, though NFTs will be divided into tiers depending on close the block of the minting is to the lsat PoW / first PoS block.  

The value or rarity for Set in Merge is determined by the NFTs proximity to the first PoS block or to the last PoW block depending on when an NFT was minted.  Each Set in Merge NFT has a number in the top right corner that shows this proximity, where the proximity number is not presented on the POAPs, but rather the proximity defines the NFT tier.

NFT Tiers range as follows: 

  • Bronze: NFTs minted within 200 PoW and 200 PoS blocks: ~100 minutes mint window
  • Silver: NFTs minted within 90 PoW and 90 PoS blocks: ~45 minutes mint window
  • Gold: NFTs minted within 15 PoW and 15 PoS blocks: ~7.5 minutes mint window
  • Diamond: NFTs minted within 4 PoW and 4 PoS blocks: ~2-minute mint window
  • PoW King: NFTs minted in the last PoW block: ~15 seconds mint window
  • PoS King: NFTs minted in the first PoS block: ~15 seconds mint window

Holders of Set in Merge mark themselves in the blockchain as some of the first people to mint on the new PoS.  Future roadmap plans or incentives to be announced in the future.