The Sewer Reopens For "Lick The Toad"

The Sewer Reopens For "Lick The Toad"
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Yuga Labs' "Lick the Toad" event is now live! Start playing Dookey Dash: Toad Mode now at

❗ Why it Matters

"Lick The Toad" is the next event in the "Trial of Jimmy The Monkey" timeline posted by Yuga Labs at Read everything we know about the event here.

🔍 The Deets

  • In the replies to the BAYC tweet, Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano (@CryptoGarga) notes that the prizes will not be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, participants will have one week to compete, and those who achieve a score within the top 500, OR a "top 2k Toad Points score at the end of the week," will win the prize, which is referred to as a trait in Garga's tweet.
  • Garga further clarifies that Toad Mode will not affect scores earned through Dookey Dash.
  • Earlier today, the @BoredApeYC Twitter account tweeted a teaser showing an image of several small one-eyes creatures, noting that participants will have the opportunity to earn these "companions." 

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