Yuga Labs Delays Summoning

Yuga Labs Delays Summoning
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Yuga Labs will delay the Summoning - an event that provides Sewer Passes unknown power sources - until Mar. 15, according to a tweet on Friday. 

The Deets

Yuga Labs indicated that the delay comes as a result of internal review, but did indicate the exact reason. Toad Mode scores are still on track to be validated by Tuesday, Mar. 7. 

❗Why It Matters

The Summoning is the next major event in the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey, and a week delay is likely to be discouraging to Sewer Pass holders and Yuga Labs enthusiasts. However, given the execution risk, it's important that the team ensures each major step of the Trial is executed with minimal hiccups. To date, Dookey Dash, Toad Mode, and all of the Trial have been relatively stable. 

🔜 What’s Next?

The Summoning will now take place on Mar. 15, though no official time has been shared. 

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