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Shadow Quest claims to be a 3-in-1 NFT project, featuring a play-to-earn game, art, and lore. 

Holders will enter the land of Ashtaar and battle their warriors to earn the $HONR token. The battles begin every hour and the amount of $HONR users receive will be based on the stats of their warriors, those stats being; Skill, Speed, Strength, Magic, and Health. 

In Shadow Quest's Gen 0 collection, there are 9,996 NFTs, of those 9,996, 999 will become what is known as "Dark Samars." Dark Samars have the capability of challenging warriors to fights and steal their $HONR if they come out victorious in the fields of battle. 

There are multiple ways to receive $HONR. Users can stake their NFT in the "Training Grounds" with no risk and can accumulate up to 3000 $HONR per day. Holders can also choose to enter the fields of battle to earn up to 1000 $HONR per hour, however, this does come with some risk. When and if a user chooses to leave the battlefield they will drop 20% of the $HONR they have earned which will be divided up evenly amongst the Samars. Users can also choose to challenge the Samars to battle, which they will have roughly a 50% chance to win based on their stats. If they win the battle they will double their earned $HONR, but if they lose the Samars will steal their $HONR. 

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