Shiba Social Club NFTs

Shiba Social Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Shiba Social Club is a collection of 7777 Shiba NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of a Shiba Social Club NFT become members of the Shiba community. Being a member means having access to the project's metaverse game and land in The Sandbox. The Club also hosts several online poker matches where members can earn real money. 

Every holder of a Shiba NFT (for more than 1 month) will receive a canvas that displays their own NFT. Holders of a Legendary Shiba will receive a handmade painting from a talented, well-known artist. 

According to the project's discord, holders will be able to vote on the destination of the IRL party hosted by the Shiba Social Club. Food and drinks will be provided for all holders and Legendary holders will be invited to events with an all-inclusive package (flight, hotel, food, drinks, and special activities).