Shines NFTs

Shines NFT Overview

Project Information

Shines is a collection of 3,333 supernatural children preparing for intergalactic war living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Shines NFT project is co-founded by Tako Ikoshvili, Tsotne Migriauli, and Ako Nakaidze.

The supernatural Shines NFT characters are divided into four different groups representing each of the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. C

ompanions to the initial Shines NFT collection are awarded to holders of the genesis collection. Both genesis and companion Shines NFTs are essential to the play-to-earn Shines game.

The Shines NFT P2E game revolves around the Shines utility token, $SHINES. And 30 percent of all royalties collected are being donated to a children's charity decided on by the Shines community members.