Shinsekai Portal NFTs

Shinsekai Portal NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 10,000 Shinsekai Portal NFTs. Shinsekai aims to build the greatest NFT manga community and push the industry towards its final stage of evolution. To achieve their vision the team will publish a manga book, create a Mangaverse, start a clothing brand, then develop other related products revolving around Shinsekai Corp. Every panel in the manga book is being hand-drawn, and every character is given a story. All characters in the manga will be in Shinsekai's NFT collection. The project will launch an ERC-20 token $Shin. Utility will unlock through staking Shinsekai NFTs to yield tokens that can be used to shop in the online store. Aside from the manga, there will be many Shinsekai branded products such as Hoodies, Toys, Kimonos, Lamps, Katanas, and much more. The team will also be providing a way for members to use their favorite characters as avatars in the Metaverse.