Shit Plunger NFTs

Shit Plunger NFT Overview

Project Information

Shit Plunger is a collection of 2,204 plunger NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The motto of Shit Plunger states: "Your NFT is just a piece of shit. Shit on your 'bluechip' nft or whatever jpg you are holding. You are NGMI and yes we are selling shit Created by SHITLAB".

Shit Plunger is a free mint collection that followed up on the popularity of during May-June 2022. The project at launch has no Discord. Shit Plunger is a CC0 project, which means that anyone has free rights to utilize the Shit Plunger artwork however they please. The project team gave various rewards for minters who minted before and after certain announcements from the project's Twitter page.